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Spring 2017

Re: Production


★★★★ “Thoughtful, intimate & enlightening - a show that should be part of the educational development of all adults” BroadwayBaby, Brighton Fringe 2017

*Nominated for New Writing South Best New Play Award 2017*

Can you have it all? Do you want it all?

Re Production Alex Powell
© Art work by Alex Powell

A scientist, on the cusp of a new IVF discovery, is faced with difficult decisions about her own fertility. Re: Production is an intimate story exploring women’s choices in contemporary society, & the science behind those choices, when weighing up careers, parenthood, & where self-worth is found.

What does it mean to be a woman? What’s your job? Do you have children?

Have you tried for children? Do you know your options if you can’t have children naturally?

Do you want to be a mother? Why not? You can have a career & children, can’t you? Will you at least freeze your eggs?

Don’t you ever feel like something is missing?

Image by Jake Cunningham
Starring Catherine Nicholson & Dan Burman
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Re: Production started the early phases of development in January 2017. With special thanks to Greenwich Theatre, Gulbenkian, Marlowe Theatre, University of Kent Genetics Department & Arts Council England Grants for the Arts.

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