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Spring/Summer 2016

"A shining example of upcoming artistic talent within the theatre, and a must-see for any fringe theatre lover for sure." A Younger Theatre

HIDDEN GEM "Serious players of serious theatre" Fringe Review

★★★★ "Beautifully composed and emotionally authentic" Three Weeks

★★★★ "A gem of a modern romantic drama" London Pub Theatres

★★★★ "Catch it if you can" The Reviews Hub


"One day you and I will just be a pile of photos gathering dust. My eyes captured, but yours staring back."

Captured Alex Powell
Starring Liam Harkins & Gabrielle Nellis-Pain © Art work by Alex Powell

In a basement flat by the sea, past and present collide in a cascade of forgotten images and a whirlpool of repressed words. Captured is the story of Isaac and Sophie, of Photographer and Nurse, of perception and reality.

Captured with Gabrielle NellisPain Image by Alex Powell
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How do we reconcile our realities when what we see is the same but how we perceive it can be so different? A politically-charged & poignant two-hander which uses mesmerising projection in a turbulent reunion of past lovers.

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This project was supported by Arts Council England's Grants for the Arts