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Parent & Baby Group With A Difference

Jenna Hobbs and Suzanna Ward Playwright and Director of <em>White Slate Theatre</em>

Do you like being creative but now that you have a baby under one you feel like it's impossible to get involved? 

This weekly workshop series is designed for you to come with your lovely baby (don't worry if they cry!), but for a change, the things we'll be exploring will be all about you & your identity. A discussion-based, creative group that won't involve nursery rhymes, but will involve fun, community, & a chance to get your teeth into the behind-the-scenes of the making of theatre.  Build characters, create poetry, explore perspectives & challenge assumptions.

We're not expecting everyone to have been involved in theatre before, so if you're not very confident, please don't worry – it will be a very relaxed environment!  Each week will mostly be discussion based so you can easily hold or feed your babies whilst we carry on.  There will also be mats for you to put your babies down on.  If you have any other requirements, please let us know.

The workshops will cost £10 per session to cover the costs of the space (If you just want to try it out, the first session is only £5, or there is a discount if you sign up for the whole term at once. If you are interested but the price puts you off, please do get in touch).  Free tea, coffee & biscuits will be provided each week.  We'll be updating our blog White Slate Undone each week so if life gets in the way, you can still catch up with what we've been up to!

If you have any questions or would like to go ahead & book your place, email Suzy at info@whiteslatetheatre.co.uk (or ask for her number if you'd like to talk in person).

Jenna Hobbs and Suzanna Ward Playwright and Director of <em>White Slate Theatre</em>

This unique series of workshops will be run by Suzy & Jenna of the award-winning Canterbury-based White Slate Theatre.  Previous participants have said:

This was one of the highlights of my maternity leave

Ive never thought of myself as a creative person it was great to do something different. I would definitely recommend

"It was brilliant to meet new people going through similar ups and downs. But unlike what often happens when talking to other new parents, the discussions were about so much more than just comparing how much our babies poo and sleep each week!"